Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A new beginning...

there comes a time in man when he reaches a cross road,1 road leads ahead,uncertain of its destination,yet promises achievement and prosperity
the other road promises a change,from the monotony of the past,from the desperation to break free..
the last road is alas!,the road we are on right now,where we take a round trip and go back,finding solace in our current environment,a certain security in the certainty and existence of our being.

just think,I'm on the 2ND road.

What do u see when u look into a mirror?
is there a glint in your eye which shows well being and contentment?
have you achieved the greatness we always aspire to achieve or have you missed out on YET another opportunity?

now you may ask,whats the connection between the 1st and 2ND paragraph in my so called "Character assessment" scheme of things.there is, our decisions are based on what we see within us,our desires,our fears,our phobias.for eg ,a person scared of water would never imagine becoming a surfer.

sometimes to want something,we need to make alot of sacrifices.i want to become a dentist so bad,yet to become 1, I'm
1)away from my family,which is the core of my very existence
2)in a place which has no potential in bringing out the best in me
3)falling short of the things that 1Ce used to define creative potential that keeps me sane
4)becoming dependant on my ipod and books to pass time through the days..

its not like i don't see whats becoming of me,i see it,every moment of my life.Yet,i choose to ignore in "gone with the wind",there is a very famous line which says,'ill deal with this tomorrow',tending to postpone my misery indefinitely.

the second road awaits me,lets see what it has to offer...