Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Few Radical Ways to Let Go of Someone Whom You Thought Was Your Kindred Spirit

Yes, I decided to use a long yet self explanatory title. Let's just make this as painless as it can be.

1) Isnt it simple, dont consider him to be your kindred spirit.

2) Assume that your favorite celebrity asked you out and you are the luckiest person coz he picked you over all the other groupies, admirers and flousies. you are indeed special. (NOTE: it doesn't work when your favorite celebrity is your object of affections. In fact, it's quite detrimental. You see his posters and youtube videos everywhere. Torture! )

3) Assume that the person who's the object of your affections is a sociopath/psychopath/dowry taker/wife beater. If you were together, he'd probably make you do all the house work and never let you do things that liberate you. You'd probably wear a burqa or a sari for the rest of your life and never leave home coz hes just that kind of guy. Consider yourself lucky that you got "saved" from that.

4) Know that even if u held a flashy neon sign on the road or advertised your feelings on a billboard for him to see, he will still turn a blind eye.

5) Know that even if you are at your best with him, he will always find someone else more pretty, more talented and more interesting than you. Its not because of any flaws in you. Its coz he cant see through you. You can never justify why you are the way you are in his eyes. While hes out there, looking for someone better than you, know that you deserve someone who is 10 times better than him and that the person he is looking for, will never sum up to who you are.

6) If he was really your reflection, he would mirror you, not walk away even when you have unsolvable issues. You rather be with a person who says," NO, I will stay in your life and we will figure this out , however long it takes." rather than "NO, I don't want you anymore. you are too complicated"

7) If he really wanted to be with you, he would. NO excuses. If he really cared, he would talk to you. NO excuses.

8) Assume that if he got you pregnant, he would have chucked you out of the house in the cold harsh winter and would never open the door for you.

Maybe one day, you don't have to assume anymore. You will find someone who will be a rock star in your eyes and you know that he , in his wildest dreams, will never hurt you. On the contrary, will let you fly. In all your mess, he finds solace and becomes a pillar of strength for you too and will always open doors for you, whatever the weather outside. Till then, I'm willing to assume.

Monday, December 8, 2014

my 20 year old will fly.

I wrote this poem to go along with a piece of art i had made a few days ago. I dont understand why the young and clueless are the ones who are most targeted when it comes to betrayal, abandonment and fraud. why dont people realize that the young should be given wings to fly, not clip then down. even though i wrote this poem for a particular person, i hope it applies to all the 20 year olds out there who are beginning to step into adulthood.

streams, stream out layers
patterns,dreams,directions to share
fish swimming against the tide to try
my 20 year old will fly

through the flames that blaze
beyond thickened fogs of haze
breaking through burnt woods of ply
my 20 year old will fly

curtains through winds rise and float
compromise being a part of life's boat
when the world will cover and shy
my 20 year old will fly

lengths of tall trees that form high
beyond nests of great birds lie
gliding beyond serene blue skies
my 20 year old will fly.

my 20 year old will indeed fly.  atleast, i really hope he does.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pe n Nuts

I generally don't  write erotica. Though i got heavily inspired by a family member and an episode of house for this poem. I realised i love to tell stories in rhyme. Maybe  one day i can do something about this. Hope you enjoy my new poem!

Pe n nuts
There was a boy named peter
Never knew anyone more sweeter
He had a mad love for peanuts
Here is a story  about his guts
Allergic,his throat swelled each time,greater
He had  never tasted  anything  better
He kept risking to grab a bite, a taste
In forms solid, liquid or paste

Warned  time and again  by his doctor
It will choke n kill you  like a boa constrictor
Peter agreed  to give up his delights
And  walked out without  putting up a fight

In sadness,  he went to a hooker        
Licked her up n down like a steam rollar
Little did he know she was covered in peanut body cream
" Holy  PEANUTS!" In climax,peter screamed!

Rushed to the hospital in a stretcher
All he thought was bliss came closer
Arrived n treated by a bemused doctor
"U are lucky ,dear boy, death was a close encounter"

"Peanuts, why do i give you a soft corner?"
Cried peter,looking at a food chart poster
Walked in a nurse,with his medication
He stared at her with deep admiration

Her eyes were never so lighter
Than  peanuts  kept in a canister
Her lips,when  moved so quick
He felt a quiver in his dick

"Ill give  up all my vices for u,my dear"
"Every form of peanuts",yelled peter
"Roasted, toasted,salted,fried"
Listening to his sacrifice,the nurse sighed

"You love me and your life now, i infer"
Mused the nurse, coming a bit closer
"You matter more to me than pleasure"
"Wont u put always in our forever?"
                                                                      The doctor came in,"its so clear!!
 A treatment amongst all this blur
The day is saved with the help of our nurse
Or you would have left in a hearse    

Here, ill end my story of Peter
 Who found his life partner
With his obsession of pe n nuts  
 Pe n nuts , pe n nuts,  pe n nuts

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Destruction And Clearance

Its a sad kind of disappearance
The one that easily isnt spoken about
A cycle of destruction n clearance
A song flows through my mouth

Of a time of love and indulgence
Coveted dreams of the south    
Promises made and assurance
One wouldn't leave the other without
Its a sad kind of disappearance
Gently quietened after a brief shout
No one to reclaim occupance
Fields destroyed, a prolonged drought

Friday, August 8, 2014

Oceans Bay

Writers note : this is by far, my oldest and most beloved self written poem. I can forget the other stuff Ive written, but never this one. I wrote this when I was 13 and I feel, looking back, I knew alot more about life back then than I do now. Uncertainity does that to us adults, I guess. Well here goes! :D

I'm at the oceans bay,
waiting for the waves to take me away
Ah! my friends, you dont have to wait,
as now I see the heaven's gate

I hear drums beating at a distance,
Is this the end of my existance?
If yes, why so?
Is it really time for me to go?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Power Over Me

Writers note- I wrote this poem when I was in college. I sometimes think I wrote more frequently back in the day than what I do now. mind fuzz I guess. the reason why I want to publish this one again is because it has always been one of my works I was particularly proud off. Now I just think its cheesy and dramatic. Guess nostalgia does play a role in most of the things I do. I am making certain alterations from the original, coz face it, an 18 year olds English isn't as good as a 26 year olds. :D

Unlike the love that transends time
the shadows beneath the burden of being mime
how to prove that love isn't a delusion?
a true pious feeling,amongst my life's confusion
thou shall not feel the pain I feel
thou shall not b the 1 in front I knell
the love I feel isn't a phase
not even a simple teenage craze
you ask me, why I walk alone?
because you aren't there to hold my hand to take me home
you say, I'm not the prettiest of the lot
Doesn't that make you shallow, have you given it a thought?
the summer grass glitters in rain
like tears from sad eyes that drain.
Don't you see what have you done to me, loved one?
engulfing me,with grief of our love song
over the greatness of the human spirit
Why do I see in your eyes, loss, pain and guilt?
Don't you see,it hurts me to endless sorrow?
If I feel this, how is my love so hollow?
I wish for this day to end to replant my loves seed
for the endless loss, my heart can no longer breed
my solace is your garden,
roses and their thorns that you allowed to sharpen
I feel I've lost you, like a coin lost at sea
and you call it a delusion, your power over me.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

an inspired limmerick

Writers note: a friend of mine recently told me a story about a man who only saw the positive in a trashy situation. I got heavily inspired by it n wrote a small limmerick based on her story.  Here it goes. ...

I stood under a sky so gloomy  
Unable to feel the sun
It shines on clouds,not on me
Non the less,  it shines, I learn

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Fall

Writers note: A friend and I were working together for a song a long time ago. He worked on the music and I worked on the lyrics. In the end, we decided to leave out the lyrics and let the song be as it was, instrumental. here is my rendition of the song I loved very much.

In the season of summer
I came to know of a new expression
I came across a new lover
This is my sincere confession

Along came the season of fall,
 I knew that eternity in her eyes wasn't forever
Shattering what I had thought was true
Like every changing season, I was her changing weather
If my chest held a glass window
Like one of those houses with a view
A beating dark heart, it would show
Along with an incandescent hue

Let me fall into your arms,
Don't ever let me fall down
Let me fall into your arms
Don't ever let me fall down

For the music freaks out there, do check out my friend, he's really good. This is his rendition of the song.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


my heart is like a garden,
it flowers alot of emotion
blooming a dream forbidden
only to accept a life based on conditions

find me, so we could laugh and play
under blue skies and day
find me, but this time please stay
looking at the stars, on a sheet we lay

my heart is like a garden
rooting for a stem of desires
caressing a soul once forgotten
planting a flame of fires

meet me at the brink of dawn
where banglorean roses grow in a lawn
meet me,when your love is born
to fill me up, a ghost forlorn

for my heart is a garden
it grows alot of fear and hope
that in time, when the branches harden
you would see we had scope

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Never Forever

in pursuit to make a new memory
i wonder if you'll walk by again
with all your charm and chivalry
ill have to restart from where i began

there is nothing left for you here
dont come by again,ever
the birds have flown away from where u were
silence left in our forever

roots cut off from trees
always find  way to grow back
this is my moment to seize
to put my life back on track

i live in a dark place, dear
dont come by again, ever
to search my light beyond my fears
silence left in our forever

stay where you are or go far
the winds lead the way
different lives to be lead at par
hoping they keep u at bay

the train and the valley
dont come by again, ever
forming only distant memories
putting never in our forever.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


"What are we?"a constant doubt that lingered along
He didnt understand my depth of attachment
We are two renditions of the same song
One melodious n loved, the other poetic and spent.
Walk away, a little voice said to survive
Grief is a loss never worthy to be found                                    
be sagacious,a virtue to imbibe
All I could hear is our songs sound

Days go by by counting fallen autumn leaves
Collected in a corner to form a heap
A heavy sigh once did I heave
that why out of faith, did I leap?

The snow that falls leaving prints    
Never to last long enough to memorise
The cold leaves that loose its pigments
The emptiness,hard to summarise

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


a limmerick for you :)

i thought he was the sun that would rise
trapping its rays, feeding light to the trees
he was instead like death , caught by surprise
he wasnt the life that faded, but a part of me.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Can I?

I ask alot of questions these days,
Can I find peace in a storm?
Can sadness be only a phase?
Can a difference follow a norm?

My mind hurts with all these questions
Can love be found in a thorn?
Can empathy hold against heartless foundations?
Can we ever get better n be reborn?
 I sit around and think at length
Can goodbyes ever stop the tears?
Can faith ever bring forth strength?  
Can we ever learn to accept our fears?

Talk to me, I need to know
Can we be in a cycle of events or chain?
Can a question confuse u even more?
Can I hold this conversation with u again?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dead Spaces

flowing through my mind, is a thought's river
streaming along various dark places
a zone never missed, everything it did cover
yet always stopped in our dead spaces

containing voids,vacancies and holes
doubts,fear and insecurities in it fill
did nothing but to separate our souls
and placed pain upon a hearts sill

these dead spaces, almost left blank
of goodbyes left unspoken
a form of quicksand,a feeling sank
of resolutions better left broken

shadows are another form of darkness
that still follow you when you try to heal
your reflection used to walk with me in brightness
now there is nothing left to feel

flowing through my mind, is a thought's river
streaming along various dark places
a zone never missed, everything it did cover
yet always stopped in our dead spaces

Friday, January 17, 2014

pseudo poetry

I call this non or semi rhyming genre of mine, pseudo poetry.  Sometimes u dont need to rhyme to evoke an emotion. Hope I did justice to what im trying to say...
Dear sad heart,
Why do you cry?
Interworn are your tears
Into the silks of life
Come understand d logic
Of how a tree lost its magic
When the windows of your heart
Opened another world  apart
Dreams are dreamt and lost
Only to be forgotten at viewers cost
How to deal with the world,        
When you can't even deal with your own demons?
Dear sad heart, don't cry
Even if he did mean a goodbye
Embrace yourself
As the baby turtles embrace the sea
Not knowing what their future maybe
Freedom is all you have left
Shackling it, never meant any sense
Don't worry,  sad heart
Even if it means u live miles apart
From the closest thing u thought was home
A gift of a new world,where u truely belong
A new life,away from it all
Cheer up, lil heart
This is just the start.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

touch and go.

today, for you, ill sing a song
for the love you unexpectedly brought along
a song, wrapping up a lyrical fusion
music amongst its melodic diffusion

i never asked you to leave
we have a chance, i believe
you never asked me to stay
keeping all my emotions at bay

today,for you, ill write a poem
painting it with many colors solemn
filling it with words that have no meaning
rearranging them into something more believing

i never asked you to go
so much warmth left for me to show
you never asked me to return
im still here, i never left or lost concern.

today, for me, sing a whisper
of the time, we could be together
for i never asked you to leave
neither did you ask me to grieve

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hot and cold

Everything hurts more when its cold,
a cool winter day, you left , untold,  
I tried 2 say goodbye, despite my hearts scold,
Everything hurts when it's cold

A frozen tear, failed effort to be bold
Painful joints, I already feel old
No room 4 growth, not even mould
Everything is gloomy when its cold
Heat of your fingers, arms embraced
We loved despite inhibitons we faced
Time 2 leave, dreams await to b chased
In the warmth of my heart, you're always placed

Will always cherish our memories of gold
I'll never ask how our story will unfold
Summertime will tell, patience on hold
For it always hurts more when its cold