Sunday, March 30, 2014

Never Forever

in pursuit to make a new memory
i wonder if you'll walk by again
with all your charm and chivalry
ill have to restart from where i began

there is nothing left for you here
dont come by again,ever
the birds have flown away from where u were
silence left in our forever

roots cut off from trees
always find  way to grow back
this is my moment to seize
to put my life back on track

i live in a dark place, dear
dont come by again, ever
to search my light beyond my fears
silence left in our forever

stay where you are or go far
the winds lead the way
different lives to be lead at par
hoping they keep u at bay

the train and the valley
dont come by again, ever
forming only distant memories
putting never in our forever.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


"What are we?"a constant doubt that lingered along
He didnt understand my depth of attachment
We are two renditions of the same song
One melodious n loved, the other poetic and spent.
Walk away, a little voice said to survive
Grief is a loss never worthy to be found                                    
be sagacious,a virtue to imbibe
All I could hear is our songs sound

Days go by by counting fallen autumn leaves
Collected in a corner to form a heap
A heavy sigh once did I heave
that why out of faith, did I leap?

The snow that falls leaving prints    
Never to last long enough to memorise
The cold leaves that loose its pigments
The emptiness,hard to summarise

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


a limmerick for you :)

i thought he was the sun that would rise
trapping its rays, feeding light to the trees
he was instead like death , caught by surprise
he wasnt the life that faded, but a part of me.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Can I?

I ask alot of questions these days,
Can I find peace in a storm?
Can sadness be only a phase?
Can a difference follow a norm?

My mind hurts with all these questions
Can love be found in a thorn?
Can empathy hold against heartless foundations?
Can we ever get better n be reborn?
 I sit around and think at length
Can goodbyes ever stop the tears?
Can faith ever bring forth strength?  
Can we ever learn to accept our fears?

Talk to me, I need to know
Can we be in a cycle of events or chain?
Can a question confuse u even more?
Can I hold this conversation with u again?