Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pe n Nuts

I generally don't  write erotica. Though i got heavily inspired by a family member and an episode of house for this poem. I realised i love to tell stories in rhyme. Maybe  one day i can do something about this. Hope you enjoy my new poem!

Pe n nuts
There was a boy named peter
Never knew anyone more sweeter
He had a mad love for peanuts
Here is a story  about his guts
Allergic,his throat swelled each time,greater
He had  never tasted  anything  better
He kept risking to grab a bite, a taste
In forms solid, liquid or paste

Warned  time and again  by his doctor
It will choke n kill you  like a boa constrictor
Peter agreed  to give up his delights
And  walked out without  putting up a fight

In sadness,  he went to a hooker        
Licked her up n down like a steam rollar
Little did he know she was covered in peanut body cream
" Holy  PEANUTS!" In climax,peter screamed!

Rushed to the hospital in a stretcher
All he thought was bliss came closer
Arrived n treated by a bemused doctor
"U are lucky ,dear boy, death was a close encounter"

"Peanuts, why do i give you a soft corner?"
Cried peter,looking at a food chart poster
Walked in a nurse,with his medication
He stared at her with deep admiration

Her eyes were never so lighter
Than  peanuts  kept in a canister
Her lips,when  moved so quick
He felt a quiver in his dick

"Ill give  up all my vices for u,my dear"
"Every form of peanuts",yelled peter
"Roasted, toasted,salted,fried"
Listening to his sacrifice,the nurse sighed

"You love me and your life now, i infer"
Mused the nurse, coming a bit closer
"You matter more to me than pleasure"
"Wont u put always in our forever?"
                                                                      The doctor came in,"its so clear!!
 A treatment amongst all this blur
The day is saved with the help of our nurse
Or you would have left in a hearse    

Here, ill end my story of Peter
 Who found his life partner
With his obsession of pe n nuts  
 Pe n nuts , pe n nuts,  pe n nuts