Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Conditioned Mind Moves In Autopilot.

Dear friend,
Everyday, i cross a broken ceramic statue of lovers. the mans head is broken. the statue was placed on a wall next to a villa. i guess the owners were hoping that the garbage lady would come and take it away. however, no one has touched it. when the sun shines from behind, its like it was never broken. perception is fun. every time i cross it, the words "hand.cannot.erase" comes into my mind. its a very poppish song but the words run deeper than the song,

i found the soundtrack to the game i used to play as a child. i was overwhelmed with nostalgia. so many memories scattered , ran through my mind like a film running through a projector. i cannot bring that time back, though through listening to those songs, i relived my childhood. all that time lost, saddens me.

i remember writing about a bougenvilla tree i used to cross everyday when i was in college and now i write about a broken statue. it made me realize that our life runs in cycles of highs and lows, yet there will be something always common to each phase. i relive situations and i know how to feel and know what to say because not so long ago, i lived something similar if not exactly the same. the conditioned mind moves in autopilot.

we may never be able to relive the past with the same people coz people come and go, yet ive realized that emotions can be re-felt. its a dangerous realization coz  it could be assumed that people are disposable. they arent! however, we dont have a control over life.we cant control who stays and who leaves us. all i am saying is,people tend to adapt well to change even if it does take a bit of time.

i feel preachy again. i feel that alot. i shouldnt have gone into deep meditation after all. i was happier being a superficial person to whom ignorance was bliss.