Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Fall

Writers note: A friend and I were working together for a song a long time ago. He worked on the music and I worked on the lyrics. In the end, we decided to leave out the lyrics and let the song be as it was, instrumental. here is my rendition of the song I loved very much.

In the season of summer
I came to know of a new expression
I came across a new lover
This is my sincere confession

Along came the season of fall,
 I knew that eternity in her eyes wasn't forever
Shattering what I had thought was true
Like every changing season, I was her changing weather
If my chest held a glass window
Like one of those houses with a view
A beating dark heart, it would show
Along with an incandescent hue

Let me fall into your arms,
Don't ever let me fall down
Let me fall into your arms
Don't ever let me fall down

For the music freaks out there, do check out my friend, he's really good. This is his rendition of the song.