Sunday, July 4, 2010


dearest blogger people! :D
im back into my universe! :D i knw its been a loong time since ive written and i throughly am apologetic...
heres whats happening now!
1) my ultimate FINAL EXAMS are up in 5 days and they r a BIG DEAL coz this is the deciding factor for all my hard work of 4 yrs... im gonna b a dentist soon guys!!!
2) life is like a stand stil during exam prep how it is..and thats why i decided to break the monotony by this post!
3) whoever r giving exams with me..(let it be in any sphere) ...i wish u all the very best best best!!!
we all will come out in flying colors and will prove it to whoever who never believed in us that "yes bitches...we made it...and u dint! :P " haha...joking :D
tc... and for my sneaky classmates who make fun of my blog :P ....suck it :P ...serial no 13 specially :P hahahhaa..
lots of loves! :D