Saturday, January 12, 2008

a fotograph!

a photograph could mean so many things...a particular fotograph..could mean nothing to an individual yet mean somthing much more to could b just a piece of paper to 1 yet for another it could b a trunk full of memories,emotions,hope and faith.a a beloved goes missing...a fotograph is givin to alert the crowd..and the person wishesso much..that som1..somwhere..wud recognize the person in the picture...and send the most powerful messge across..."hes alive..and hes safe.."

in love,lost or unrequited,a fotograph could be the only solace tat everything is fine...everything is going to b ok.

out of personal experiances,i knw for a fact that photographs..could be givin a near humanstatus..for me ...they became my friends,they became my keen prejudices,no grudges and no expectations..true friendship..

its strange coz when 1 look back at their childhood photos,a change can be seen,and awstruck,they wonder,

"could i be the person in that picture..was i a better individual then..was i happy back then?have i done somthing significant to make this world a better place?"

its wierd how fotographs could make us realize so many things in just 1 look.

yes..there is alwayz deceptive fotography..on how 1 can hide their scars or moles at just abasic angelation of the camera,our life is somthing similar.all the skeletons of our closet,hidden...deep and far away from the spotlight.

certain fotos behave like the yang in the ying too,an affair captured on camera,could meana collapsed world for a person assuming that the person she loved,loved her back.
recently what came to my posession was a picture,a picture of a friend and me.mixed emotionsran through me in an instant! old was this fotograph! were so happy together...what happened? broke my heart coz we werent the best of friends anymore,yet what consoled me were the memories of that moment,which i could relive through the fotographs...the very same day i called him..

wish i could b a photographer,i could capture the beauty wit just a click of a button,i could control wat i want to see and what i want to belive and the rest,could b thought about later...