Sunday, August 24, 2014

Destruction And Clearance

Its a sad kind of disappearance
The one that easily isnt spoken about
A cycle of destruction n clearance
A song flows through my mouth

Of a time of love and indulgence
Coveted dreams of the south    
Promises made and assurance
One wouldn't leave the other without
Its a sad kind of disappearance
Gently quietened after a brief shout
No one to reclaim occupance
Fields destroyed, a prolonged drought

Friday, August 8, 2014

Oceans Bay

Writers note : this is by far, my oldest and most beloved self written poem. I can forget the other stuff Ive written, but never this one. I wrote this when I was 13 and I feel, looking back, I knew alot more about life back then than I do now. Uncertainity does that to us adults, I guess. Well here goes! :D

I'm at the oceans bay,
waiting for the waves to take me away
Ah! my friends, you dont have to wait,
as now I see the heaven's gate

I hear drums beating at a distance,
Is this the end of my existance?
If yes, why so?
Is it really time for me to go?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Power Over Me

Writers note- I wrote this poem when I was in college. I sometimes think I wrote more frequently back in the day than what I do now. mind fuzz I guess. the reason why I want to publish this one again is because it has always been one of my works I was particularly proud off. Now I just think its cheesy and dramatic. Guess nostalgia does play a role in most of the things I do. I am making certain alterations from the original, coz face it, an 18 year olds English isn't as good as a 26 year olds. :D

Unlike the love that transends time
the shadows beneath the burden of being mime
how to prove that love isn't a delusion?
a true pious feeling,amongst my life's confusion
thou shall not feel the pain I feel
thou shall not b the 1 in front I knell
the love I feel isn't a phase
not even a simple teenage craze
you ask me, why I walk alone?
because you aren't there to hold my hand to take me home
you say, I'm not the prettiest of the lot
Doesn't that make you shallow, have you given it a thought?
the summer grass glitters in rain
like tears from sad eyes that drain.
Don't you see what have you done to me, loved one?
engulfing me,with grief of our love song
over the greatness of the human spirit
Why do I see in your eyes, loss, pain and guilt?
Don't you see,it hurts me to endless sorrow?
If I feel this, how is my love so hollow?
I wish for this day to end to replant my loves seed
for the endless loss, my heart can no longer breed
my solace is your garden,
roses and their thorns that you allowed to sharpen
I feel I've lost you, like a coin lost at sea
and you call it a delusion, your power over me.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

an inspired limmerick

Writers note: a friend of mine recently told me a story about a man who only saw the positive in a trashy situation. I got heavily inspired by it n wrote a small limmerick based on her story.  Here it goes. ...

I stood under a sky so gloomy  
Unable to feel the sun
It shines on clouds,not on me
Non the less,  it shines, I learn