Thursday, July 10, 2008

sometimes i wonder

sometimes i wonder....sitting in my room...out in the common room...out of my building...
the forces that govern me...or is it the reigns im controlling,
my fate,my destiny,my being,
to bear witness to all my seeing,
no hope wit a candle,or a prayer on the lips,
this war...this inner war,a storm within the seas of ships.

sometimes i wonder...if im the only 1 that knows
the beauty of the sky,the serenity in the rivers that flow
to all who know to destroy,with the roads you built,
try to create,those tendrils of love,after youve been consumed by guilt,
knowing that never a tree grew,in the land of man
damned for life,though its never too late,learn now,as much as u can.

coz,the hearts feared darkness,would reach to the heavens gates,
no light,no hope,no teary prayer,cud save us,coz its too late,
dark grey rivers,skies filled with thunder!
learn my fears,my friend....coz sometimes i wonder....