Friday, January 17, 2014

pseudo poetry

I call this non or semi rhyming genre of mine, pseudo poetry.  Sometimes u dont need to rhyme to evoke an emotion. Hope I did justice to what im trying to say...
Dear sad heart,
Why do you cry?
Interworn are your tears
Into the silks of life
Come understand d logic
Of how a tree lost its magic
When the windows of your heart
Opened another world  apart
Dreams are dreamt and lost
Only to be forgotten at viewers cost
How to deal with the world,        
When you can't even deal with your own demons?
Dear sad heart, don't cry
Even if he did mean a goodbye
Embrace yourself
As the baby turtles embrace the sea
Not knowing what their future maybe
Freedom is all you have left
Shackling it, never meant any sense
Don't worry,  sad heart
Even if it means u live miles apart
From the closest thing u thought was home
A gift of a new world,where u truely belong
A new life,away from it all
Cheer up, lil heart
This is just the start.
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