Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Star and heart


If my heart had a song to sing
Wrenched out, a sad song it will bring
Wrapped in the madness  still lingering
About a star who wouldn't stop shinning

The heart asked her star in song
"When will we truly belong?"
"Why don't u go drown?"
Said the cold star with a frown

Chugging his whiskey and a shot of malt
Star said, "you're the reason I'm such a mess, it's all your fault"
The heart took his bitterness with a pinch of salt
Putting her dreams in a little box,to a halt

Years passed, star began to wonder
"Is it true, did distance make heart grow fonder?"
Curious, he decided to go visit her
Wondering again, would she give him the cold shoulder?

He found her,  the place they first met
"Now this is the part I don't get"
Heart mused, " I wondered if you did forget"
"You still so shiny my star, you haven't aged yet"

"While I was away, did you have your love's fill?"
Star asked, hiding a spinal chill
Heart said,"oh! with all this time I had to kill,
Nay, niet, nimmer, nill "

"I feel guilty" star shook his head
"Things will get better",heart said
"What about all this dread?"
"It fades away, as far as I've read"

Star asked, "will things get better?"
"My love for you will never deter"
"But people always leave, as I always see"
"Hope for the best, and let it be"

If I had a song to sing,
It would be a song of star and heart, shinning
Wrapped in love,so everlasting
And all the happiness It did bring .

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