Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sexy lil tandarts

I wrote a poem for a friend the other day. She's Belgian. It's funny how a small word could lead into an idea for a poem and how an idea can be formulated into a fun love song. The term 'tandarts' means dentist in Belgian/Dutch. I hope you like what you read.

I may not be that lawyer smart, 
or enjoy Belgian tarts, 
but will you give your heart,
 to your sexy lil tandarts? 
I'll draw u a sexy dental chart, 
take you shopping to wall-mart, 
but babe, don't play with my heart, 
coz I'm your sexy lil tandarts !!!! 

I'll buy u a personalized bullock cart,
I'll still love you even when you become an ol' fart, 
don't go breaking my heart, 
coz I'm your sexy lil tandarts, 
your beauty is my paintbrush's art, 
you've got me pinned with your charms darts, 
oh! So open your gorgeous heart, 
for a love story with your sexy lil tandarts!!!

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