Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Few Radical Ways to Let Go of Someone Whom You Thought Was Your Kindred Spirit

Yes, I decided to use a long yet self explanatory title. Let's just make this as painless as it can be.

1) Isnt it simple, dont consider him to be your kindred spirit.

2) Assume that your favorite celebrity asked you out and you are the luckiest person coz he picked you over all the other groupies, admirers and flousies. you are indeed special. (NOTE: it doesn't work when your favorite celebrity is your object of affections. In fact, it's quite detrimental. You see his posters and youtube videos everywhere. Torture! )

3) Assume that the person who's the object of your affections is a sociopath/psychopath/dowry taker/wife beater. If you were together, he'd probably make you do all the house work and never let you do things that liberate you. You'd probably wear a burqa or a sari for the rest of your life and never leave home coz hes just that kind of guy. Consider yourself lucky that you got "saved" from that.

4) Know that even if u held a flashy neon sign on the road or advertised your feelings on a billboard for him to see, he will still turn a blind eye.

5) Know that even if you are at your best with him, he will always find someone else more pretty, more talented and more interesting than you. Its not because of any flaws in you. Its coz he cant see through you. You can never justify why you are the way you are in his eyes. While hes out there, looking for someone better than you, know that you deserve someone who is 10 times better than him and that the person he is looking for, will never sum up to who you are.

6) If he was really your reflection, he would mirror you, not walk away even when you have unsolvable issues. You rather be with a person who says," NO, I will stay in your life and we will figure this out , however long it takes." rather than "NO, I don't want you anymore. you are too complicated"

7) If he really wanted to be with you, he would. NO excuses. If he really cared, he would talk to you. NO excuses.

8) Assume that if he got you pregnant, he would have chucked you out of the house in the cold harsh winter and would never open the door for you.

Maybe one day, you don't have to assume anymore. You will find someone who will be a rock star in your eyes and you know that he , in his wildest dreams, will never hurt you. On the contrary, will let you fly. In all your mess, he finds solace and becomes a pillar of strength for you too and will always open doors for you, whatever the weather outside. Till then, I'm willing to assume.
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