Monday, December 8, 2014

my 20 year old will fly.

I wrote this poem to go along with a piece of art i had made a few days ago. I dont understand why the young and clueless are the ones who are most targeted when it comes to betrayal, abandonment and fraud. why dont people realize that the young should be given wings to fly, not clip then down. even though i wrote this poem for a particular person, i hope it applies to all the 20 year olds out there who are beginning to step into adulthood.

streams, stream out layers
patterns,dreams,directions to share
fish swimming against the tide to try
my 20 year old will fly

through the flames that blaze
beyond thickened fogs of haze
breaking through burnt woods of ply
my 20 year old will fly

curtains through winds rise and float
compromise being a part of life's boat
when the world will cover and shy
my 20 year old will fly

lengths of tall trees that form high
beyond nests of great birds lie
gliding beyond serene blue skies
my 20 year old will fly.

my 20 year old will indeed fly.  atleast, i really hope he does.
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