Thursday, May 26, 2011

My heart's road

its been forever since i wrote my last blog post.each reason being very diffrent from the next. yet a friend told me to write,despite what people say.a lot has happened over this past year.we claim to have changed though in the end we all know we never change.we still are the same person we are beneath.

our lifes road has always been a matter of discussion. most of us are lucky to go further than others.for some, its tragically cut short.i never thought it would matter who walks amongst us on our road as long as we have company to get through the day,despite different destinations.

so what will you do,when u realize that the person u walked with is not a part of the same journey any more? would you feel happy...good riddence? or feel empty? or if your 1 of the unlucky undecisive ones...feel both?

"my heart bleeds
you leaving me there,
all alone,on the street
with no concern or care,
leaving me alone,standing in the heat.

'for whom are you waiting for?'
the passers by asked
'they are late,1 will come,or more'
standing sadly,the truth i masked.

my heart bleeds
for you show no remorse,
in your pitiful deed
leaving me alone,on lifes course."

a friend once told me "dont make a space in your heart for somebody who doesnt wanna b in it"
sounds smart?

so what will you do? choose to live a non-existant life and hope that one day,in our junction through life,we find some1? OR
we make our future,follow a path which is easy and less-lonely,yet in the process loose yourself coz u lost a part of your identity in the way?

robert frost had his issues on the road less issue is do we really miss out on an experiance or save us from the bad experiances of the road unknown.

what would you have done?
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