Saturday, May 28, 2011

social strata and its climb

being a person with the power of observation,it has come to my notice on how people group themselves.every1 has a is just like high school.back in the day of school,i was the happiest coz finally i wud get rid of the tagline given to me "geek" and start afresh in college...a new set of friends...a new batch of people! beginnings
well..what did i get? the same darn thing...its so simplified and so obvious that u can practically put them down into catagories...
a) the outright popular kids- they are the top of the strata,creme da la creme...or atleast thats what they think.they can make any1 do anything for them in the wink of an eye, a smile and in some selected cases,a whine.hipocracy,gossip,drama has big value in this clique.they are very selective of their friends and people they talk to.everybody hates to love them yet alwayz wishes they would b a part of them..even for a day..i wont deny a long time before i would die to b a part of their clique but then i became realistic...or maybe i just grew up too soon.

b)popularity through actions- now this sector has gained popularity not for their style or pizzaz like the previous group.this group has gained popularity through their talent or just the fact that they can talk to anybody and everybody.they normally tend to stick to a clique of 2's or 3's at most yet if you ask them a number of a random dhobi in 1 part of manipal,they will have it.
i wont deny i used to be like this.but this isnt a revelation from my side.its pretty obvious,its so easy to belong to this catagory,all u got to do is smile and act like nothings wrong with your me,ull b a magnet.*ting!! :D *

c)emo kids- yes..all colleges have them,even dental schools. the whole show of "no1 can understand me" works quite well in my class.the usual symptoms of limited friends,lonliness,dark clothing,attraction to music & writing and random outbursts. i guess a good date for this kind would b a movie night of the films "dark knight" or "underworld" to cheer em up !

d)the snoozies-this set of people have 2 diffrent etiologys to this manifestation
1) they are owls in the night.nocturnalism is the new trend or mostly coz they are addicted to their computer and cant find a way to turn off the switch and just sleep.
2) they are the decendants of kumbhkaran.any large amount of sleep is good,whether its in the day or in the night.
the signs show an increased tendency to sleep in class(even if its on the front desk!) and even after two warnings by the proffessor still have the courage to go back to sleep.

e) the nerds- yes how can we forget them! the mindless cramming and camping in the library are the most common symptoms.these people show a huge dependancy on coffee (specially the horrible tasting 1s in the library...the shittier...the better to keep awake) . a message that a new study material is circulating around,would make them reach the source in a split second.competition on who has the best notes is also 1 of their signs.bloodshot eyes at the end of each day closing near the exam is also another.

f)the pet owners- those who seek friendship and gratification in a race beyond humans and plus the attention it brings when som1 comes over and says " aww ur pet is so cute!!! ", a good conversation starter with the ladies if the guys own a dog/cat/fish/turtle etc. (btw..did i mention i own a turtle too??? :P)

g) people with weight issues-now this can be subdivided into 2 catagories again
1) people who think they have gained since 1st yr - yes,i know we were supermodels back in the day and watching overselves in the mirror has become a difficult task to perform daily.this sector has joined the gym after 4 years of intense compulsive eating due to exam stress,bf stress,shit manipal food stress, home sickness stress etc.i am proud to say that 90% have shown improvement and now belong to wat i call the healthy weight catagory.
2) people who have lost wt since 1st yr- they werent supermodels to start with.they werent even noticed to start with.yet,they took up the challenge and today are 1 of the most admired and most noticed.yet i may like to add that starvation and coffee diets wasnt the right way to do it.

now here is my revelation.i am amongst all. i am popular,a nerd,wt issues,a pet owner,a bit emo and a snoozer.its so easy to catagorize people under diffrent catagories yet its wrong to put a label on anybody.all of us have a bit of every trait in us in diffrent proportions.i have no right to judge people coz i dont want to be judged myself. people who stick to their cliques only do so coz they feel safety in the familarities it brings.but that doesnt mean that a popular kid cant draw or an emo kid cant sleep in class...

so this is the end of my valuable lesson my friends, dont judge!
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