Friday, May 27, 2011

young poet

never imagined i would stumble accross this poem.i thought it was lost with time.i wrote this when i was in 10th std,which wud make me 15 years old.gosh! i was such a hopeless romantic!
haha.never knew how that much of optamism could turn into pessimism over time and settle down to realism. well here it goes!

emotional lover

i am an emotional lover,

you could be,the world could be

rarer the species we are

more promising than any1 by far

love takes another turn with us

would you love me, from dawn to dusk?

i am an emotional lover,

emotions are wound,when we are around

non like the oceans beauty seen so far

we may b ugly,but we love u,we are known for it all

true,i heard love is blind

now do u like me,would u b so kind?

i am an emotional lover.

who is this i see,is it thee?

you came,i made no noise

you whispered in my ear with poise

tears stroll down my eyes

why do u tell me,nothin but lies?

i am an emotional lover,

how to prove to u,a daunting task

but i still love you.

you passed,after whisper,never to look back

what makes u look at her,the qualities i lack?

be true,for goodness sake

to whoever you choose,dont b a fake.

i am an emotional lover.

you never recognized me,never will thee

to whom u love is an innocent glass doll

shell break,when shell learn the truth at all

to me your Daniel,eyes so blue by time

but i love u,i WILL you were mine

i am an emotional lover

i cried whole night,you never to move from my sight.

now ill end my woeful story

about a girl who thought and dram

that she was special,an emotional lover


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